Chartered Accountants

Retrieve data from the source by connecting
your clients' management tools to your accounting tool

Retrieval and input of invoices is tedious

Claiming documents from your clients

And relaunch them!

Entering invoices from PDF

Connect to all client tools

You have tried OCR, but you are not satisfied ?

Paying to transcribe data and verify it

While this data already exists somewhere!

Completing data not available via OCR

Bookkeeping accounts, dates for managing BCP, ...

Redo the bank reconciliation

Even if the customer also does it on his side

Make your invoice processing easier

Billy recovers information from the source by connecting your tools and those of your customers

Automate data retrieval at the source

No more emails, files, zips, reminders. The sales and purchase operations are directly recovered from the pre-accounting and invoicing software via our connections.

Post with pre-filled data

Get rid of unnecessary data entry! The information from the invoices is already standardized according to your software, you just have to validate.

Always up-to-date
Illustration Comment ça marche

Retrieve the invoices
of my customers

Before Billy

Receive invoices in PDF
Enter invoices or validate them after OCR
Start over every month

With Billy

See that invoices have arrived safely
Take advantage of reliable data
Be always up to date

Retrieve the

Before Billy

Receive CSV or PDF files from your client
Verify that everything is properly accounted for
Follow up with his client every month

With Billy

Automated reception of supplier invoices
Pre-filled data
Transmission of new invoices every day

Ready to start?

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