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Connect Axonaut with your business applications

Billy synchronizes Axonaut data with your other applications


Axonaut, the complete online management software for VSEs and SMEs

Quotation and invoicing management with multiple functionalities
such as income and expense management and sales management,
all with a simple, ergonomic interface

Billy saves you time


No import/export, Billy works with API.


Data at source = no re-entry or OCR


You don't have to do a thing, Billy is autonomous!

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Available integrations

Axonaut <-> Pennylane

Automate accounting entry of your invoices

Axonaut <-> MyUnisoft

Automate accounting entry of your invoices

Axonaut <-> Chorus Pro

Send your invoices to french public entities in just a few clicks

Join the 600+ companies that rely on Billy and save time with our integrations!

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Great news, this will save me a ton of time! 🎉

Co-founder of an online ordering service
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We have been waiting for this integration for months 🙂

President of a marking and silk-screening workshop

Need more details?

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