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Automatically transmit your customer invoices to the accounting department.


Ideal invoicing software for VSEs and SMEs
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Powerful invoicing software for growing businesses
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Ideal invoicing software for online subscriptions
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Ideal software for time-based invoicing
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Powerful CRM combined with an invoicing tool
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The business partner for accounting and billing
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ERP ideal for consulting and engineering companies
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Online invoicing software for quick creation of invoices and quotes
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Online invoice and quote creation solution for SMEs
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Management software for agencies, consulting firms and ESN
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Stripe (Billing)

Invoicing solution with immediate payment
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Open source ERP and CRM
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Billing software for the building trades
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Qonto (Billing) Bêta

Invoicing solution, efficient and fast
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Odoo Bêta

Open source application suite
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Recurly Bêta

Subscription management solution and recurring billing platform
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Karlia Bêta

Complete French CRM software with billing, sales, ticketing and support, project management and time management.
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Evoliz Bêta

Invoicing and pre-accounting solution
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Lago Bêta

Open source usage-based metering and billing software
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Koban Bêta

French software suite. A complete, scalable tool for managing your business, whether small or medium-sized.
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Shine (Billing) Soon

The online business account that simplifies your daily life
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Rentman Soon

Modern rental software to efficiently manage your live event rentals and productions.
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Automatically retrieve customer invoices in the accounting system.


All-in-one financial management and accounting platform
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Beta test

Augmented accounting solution for the accounting firms of tomorrow
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Tiime En cours

Tiime est la solution de facturation gratuite, la mieux notée du marché.
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Complete practice production and management solution
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Solution dedicated to accounting and social activities
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Customer relationship management

Create your invoices from your CRM.


CRM solution designed to manage sales on a daily basis
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Pipedrive Bêta

Pipedrive is easy-to-use CRM software designed by salespeople for salespeople.
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Salesforce Soon

AI + Data + CRM = better sales and happier customers.
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Invoicing portal

Automatically send your invoices to the public sector.

Chorus Pro Bêta

Portal for the transmission of your invoices to french public companies
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Billy saves you time


No import/export, Billy works with API.


Data at source = no re-entry or OCR


You don't have to do a thing, Billy is autonomous!

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