Our vision

What drives us every day

The issue

With the dematerialization

Email and PDF were never designed for invoicing

Everyone is working on making great software, but no one is taking care of the transmission

OCR is a palliative for dematerialization

The EDI standard cannot be generalized to VSEs-SMEs

No one wants to pay for consultants at 1,200€/day

Information on the invoice lifecycle is scattered

Invoices, attachments, emails in the event of a dispute, reminders...

Invoicing has not made its revolution

The solution

The interconnection of financial tools

All compatible

The tools are agnostic and communicate with each other.

Build your tailor-made ERP

Select the best tools knowing that they are perfectly integrated with the tools already used

Migrate when you want

The best way to always be able to use the best tools on the market without being afraid of migration.


Streamline the transmission of information to avoid disputes

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